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Well, whenever we heard about freezing ambulances, the only thing that may arise in our mind is the refrigerator. Yeah, freezing ambulance works exactly like a refrigerator. The difference is freezing ambulance has some special technology which is strong enough to keep a dead safe from decomposition, dust, and virus. On the other hand, a refrigerator used to keep the food safe from poison.

Basically, we are going to hire a freezing ambulance service in Bangladesh while we need to keep the dead body for more than 12 hours. Like, the dead body arrives from abroad or the dead body’s relatives want to keep the dead body for a long while before buried.

Frequently Ask Question

1. What is freezing ambulance?

Basically, a freezing ambulance is only designed to carry a dead body, mostly known as a corpus. Freezing ambulance has some special technology to secure the dead body from decomposition.

2. How freezing ambulance works?

Freezing ambulance works as like a refrigerator keep safe the food from decomposition. But In case of freezing ambulance, it has some special technology like ice box which is strong enough to keep the dead body safe for a long while. In addition, freezing ambulance also secure the body form virus and bacteria.

3. How long you can keep a dead body into freezing ambulance?

Usually, a freezing ambulance has a specialized icebox. It can able to keep the dead body in the same condition for 9 to 10 days. But if you need more time to keep a dead body into a freezing ambulance then you can. But it too much expensive. So, it would be wise to keep it frozen until the time of burial.

4. Can I hire only an icebox rather than the freezing vehicle?

Most probably you can if you are belonging outside Bangladesh. Cause in Bangladesh we are not used to keeping the dead bodies for long while. But fortunately, you can buy a freezing ambulance.

5. Does Bangladeshi Ambulance service support 24/7 hours freezing ambulance?

Yeah, most of the well-known ambulance service provider like Zohorul Ambulance service support 24/7 hours freezing ambulance service all over the Bangladesh.

Final Words for Freezing Ambulance Services

Zohorul ambulance service is one of the leading freezing ambulance service providers in Bangladesh. We have enough vehicle which has ultramodern technology, experienced, educated and trained staffs. So we are confident enough to experience you the best freezing ambulance service from anywhere anytime in Bangladesh.