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Emergency Ambulance Service

Basically, Emergency Ambulance Services in Bangladesh are fulfilled with enough medical resources to providing a service for those with unplanned urgent and life-threatening health conditions. That’s why many people mistakenly called it as a (EMS) Emergency Medical Service. Usually, they can respond quickly compare to general ambulance. In addition, emergency ambulance has ultramodern technological stuffs with a well-trained Medicare squad..

Frequently Ask Question

1. What is emergency ambulance service in Bangladesh?

Emergency ambulance service mostly known as EAS. It has some special technology and wide range of equipment such as intravenous drips, medicine, oxygen, heart defibrillators and many more. In addition, Emergency ambulance service does have a specialized Medicare crew and they are strongly enough to take care of a serious injury’s patient all over Bangladesh including big cities like Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet, Barisal, Khulna.

2. What is the difference between general ambulance service and emergency ambulance service?

Before get engaged to the difference first of all we need to know the definition of mentioned ambulance service. General ambulance service is a special designed vehicle which transports patients to the hospital. On the other hand, Emergency ambulance service has some extra facilities such as emergency medical treatment during the transportation.

3. What does emergency ambulance do?

Whenever a patient causes serious injuries and required initial treatment in this type of situation, we need to call an emergency ambulance service. Cause emergency vehicle carried required Medicare equipment and does have some well-trained crew.

4. Which country has the best ambulance service in the world?

In one world Japan is the best country for their quality of ambulance service. That’s why Zohorul Ambulance service are using Japanese designed ambulance and other types of stuffs for citizens of Bangladesh.

5. What about the emergency ambulance pricing?

While you call for an emergency ambulance service in Dhaka, Bangladesh and you’re likely have another heart attack when you get the ambulance bill. The reason is ambulance cost too much to keep the vehicle always on the road to get reach you on time. Zohorul Ambulance Service is highly reliable about pricing. That’s why we won’t charge you very high. Our main priority is always trying to keep the emergency ambulance cost as much as affordable.

Final Words for Emergency Ambulance Services

Zohorul Ambulance service is one of the leading emergency ambulance service providers in Bangladesh. We ensure to provide enough medical resources with a special emergency squad to take care of the badly injured patient during the transportation to the hospital. We know the value while consumers call us for the emergency ambulance, that is why we always try to do our best with 24/7 hours ambulance service support to reach you on time. Whenever or wherever you need an emergency vehicle please don’t hesitance to call us. We promise to never cost you too high and we don’t have any hidden charge.